To everyone - Not DEAD...Marie

Today, I will give you an important announcement with gratitude for the past, gratitude for the present, and gratitude for the future.


Marie was formed in 2007, and we activities were not only in Japan, but also in overseas tours, with a very hot live.

Thank you for your offer from each country including Japan.


After that, the important member from the beginning became unwell. So 

Marie STOPPED in 2011. I had the time of silence until 2017.


Marie is now breaking the silence.

The reason is because I want to deliver my thoughts with the song of vocal Kai (at the time: 塊-kai-). It became it as soon as Marie was going to work again.


The band members are not leaving at that time unfortunately. But from Kai's song, I can feel the feelings of the members of the past strongly. Marie's back band changes depending on the ideal shape Marie wants.

We will try to enjoy the various faces of Marie.


I will make a lot of announcements at a later date. Looking forward to the next update.

Please support the activities of "Marie" in the future. Sincerely ask.Marie" in the future. Sincerely ask.

And I want to live in your country. So, please advertise and offer.