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[Ticket Reservation Request]


>>Your name (Furnamena)

>>Email address (If you need confirmation email to complete the ticket reservation)

>>Live date and venue name (* Event information)

>>Required number of sheets


and send it to us.

* Please understand that there is a case that the ticket reception is not possible if there is no specified description.

The ticket acceptance deadline will be up to 12:00 on the day of the live.


【 Event Appearance Request 】


We also ask for the appearance of live events.

Thank you.



[Request for domain designation]


If you enter the email address of your mobile phone in the "email address" field of the input screen, you may not be able to receive a reply email from Marie official depending on your mobile phone settings.

If you wish to respond to your mobile phone's email address, you will be able to receive a reply email from Marie official by setting "remove domain Received" or "@" for domain-specified reception.


Please refer to the operating manual for your mobile phone for information on "un-designated domain Reception" or "Configuring domain-specified reception". In addition, please understand that the packet communications expense generated by the cellular phone company will be borne by the customer.

メモ: * は入力必須項目です

Note: * is a required entry.