Birthday:Jan. 8

Blood type:A

From:Osaka Japan



2007: Marie was born.

2008: I took a Japan domestic tour.

2009: We played live in Paris.

    We have published in domestic and foreign media

    We serve music delivery to 68 countries in the world.

2010: We take the offer from each country and achieve the Europe solo     tour.

    We took part in volunteer work after we returned home. We

    received a thank-you letter from the governor, and was taken up

    on TV and the newspaper.

    We held the event as the world's first rock band performer in the

    Kirishima International Music Hall, boasting the "miraculous Hall"

    and the acclaimed acoustics at the International Acoustical Society.

2011: We have released Marie app in the iTunes App Store.

    We played with TA-JIN on a voluntary event with a comedian.

    KAI is a visual system band defspiral Hide Presents our Pink

    Spider 2011 "Charity cover Live!" Pin-sputtering! Took part in the

    tour as a Rohan.

2012: KAI became an ESP entertainment lecturer.

    KAI worked as a Guinness approver in the music department.

2013: KAI performed at the Hiroshima Flower Festival.

    KAI played with Ryuichi Kawamura (LUNA SEA).

    KAI had a solo debut concert at the famous Akasaka Blitz in Japan.

2017: KAI joined “hide tribute -STUPID Side-”.